Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello Everyone,
I am really sorry that we have not updated our blog in a long time, but we just got our internet working again and so I will try and keep everyone posted on the goings on at the Oliver house. Unfortunally, do not have a whole lot going. Mike is still working very hard at the school district and doing PSR so he gets about 70 hours a week poor guy. He works so hard to make sure we have the things that we need.
As some of you know I broke my arm(Thank you to those that helped out in that) and am now just starting to work again. My arm in healing fine and I almost have full movement in it but not quite yet. It still hurts sometimes and I am trying hard not to do a whole lot with that. I go to the Doctor again on the 23 so hopefully things are still healing the way that they should.
Mike and I sold our female dog, which I am very grateful for because she was a lot to handle. She has a good home and we are happy to just have the the one.
It has been nice weather here so we are starting our garden and hopefully something will grow. Mom and Dad came over for the rodeo and that was a blast. Jeff and Becky Simpson came and took us all to Remo's which was very thoughtful of him. I very much enjoyed going to that I love the rodeo and watchin people ride fast horses.
That should about cover it for now. I will do my best to keep this up more often.
Love you all to peices and hope the best for all of you.
The Olivers

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